DVD-Rs and You!
Some Questions and Answers about a nifty technology.

What's the big deal about DVD-Rs and how do they differ from a regular DVD? The differences between DVD-Rs and DVDs are similiar to the differences between CDs and CD-Rs. DVDs and CDs are mass-produced in big factories with giant machinery. DVD-Rs and CD-Rs are made one at a time on a computer or little duplicator. The information on either format is generally the same. The problem is that not every DVD or CD player will play a DVD-R or CD-R respectively.

Can I play DVD-Rs on my DVD player? Good question. The first place to check to see if you can play DVD-Rs is in your player's user manual. A good rule of thumb is that any DVD set top player manufactured prior to Winter 1999 will probably NOT be able to read a DVD-R disc and will not work with the A/V Geeks DVD-Rs (however the regular DVDs will work fine).

Below are some links to sites that list DVD-R compatible players. I can't vouch for all the players since I only have limited means to test my own releases. Surprisingly, the Apex player (a cheap player you can get at Walmart or Best Buy) does a great job of playing DVD-Rs.

Apple's DVD-R Compatibility site
A Big List from DVDRHelp.com.

Why don't you just put out all of your films on DVD? Another good question. It costs several thousand dollars to put out a DVD and I don't have the resources to put all my compilations on DVD - I'd rather spend the money on maintaining my current collection and acquiring more films. DVD-Rs make it a bit easier to get the films on a DVD format.

There's a film that you have that I'd like to see on DVD. Will you put it on DVD-R? Maybe. Email suggestions to me skip@avgeeks.com

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