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Maintaining an archive of more than 10,000 of anything can be overwhelming. Our ultimate goal is to get these films back into the minds of public, so that they can be appreciated for generations to come. This takes a lot of time and money. Most of the A/V Geeks projects (DVDs, shows, stock footage, transferring films) are set up to support the archive and the archivist (me) and to pay down debt. You can help a couple of different ways.

Donate money. We aren’t a non-profit (too much paperwork at this point), so donations to AV Geeks are not tax deductible, but any size of donation will help the cause. We will spend the money on acquiring new films, paying for transfer equipment, paying for shelves, supplies, etc. Help support the A/V Geeks cause via this Paypal button.

Buy something from us. Buying a DVD (or 2 or 3, etc) helps pay the bills. Here’s the catalog

Buy something for us. Here’s a wishlist of supplies we use at the archive

Watch more of our videos on YouTube, subscribe to the channel and share them with your friends. We get a tiny bit of ad revenue (pennies, really) when folks watch our videos here…

Donate time. Even if you aren’t nearby, we can use your time. Particularly, watching particular films online and writing descriptive lists of scenes in the films. Contact me for more info.

Donate stuff. We are always looking for more 16mm films – specifically educational and industrial films. Here’s a list of films that we are looking for. We are also looking for supplies – such as 16mm plastic cans, archival cloth gloves, equipment, etc. Contact me for more info.
Also here’s a list of films that we are looking for. Contact us if you see them available for sale.

  1. In case you need some info on the who, where and when of the “all white basketball league” video from April 29th’s Stephen Colbert show, I can tell you some of it.

    Wednesday morning (April 30) as I made my coffee , I was watching one of the morning shows. They showed a black and white basketball game clip in connection with a joke about an all white guy National Basketball League. The joke was regarding the Sterling incident.

    I looked up at the clip and recognized my husband in it. I was sure it was Warren; he was number 20. I raced into his office to tell him what I had seen and his expression was an “oh sure,” smirk.
    We looked the clip up on the internet and he confirmed it was the finals game of the Oregon high school state tournie in 1966. Warren’s high school team played and won the tournie that year.

    I told Warren too bad he didn’t make the shot, he said, “I didn’t make that shot; Roger did.”

    How strange that a 2014 New York show airs a 2 minute 1966 black and white video from Portland, Oregon and I happen to be watching in Arizona and recognize my husband. Yes, I need to buy a lottery ticket this week. BTW, it was at that tournament I met my husband.
    We’ve had a lot of fun with this.

  2. A/V Geeks,

    I am writing in response to a film you guys posted a few years ago “Story of the Prodigal Son”at https://archive.org/details/StoryOfTheProdigalSon. I research the history of Bible storytelling media from radio and early television history and it seems that you guys have the only surviving episode of the “Bible Puppets” series produced by the Protestant Radio Commission. Last fall I shared this video with my college Web Usability class for my project on a children’s television history website http://www.uncg.edu/~jrstewa4/biblepuppets.html. I would like to know if it is possible to purchase this short on a higher quality DVD. Also if you would like I can provide a more detailed history of this film series that what is presented at my website.

    James R. Stewart

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