A/V Geeks Want List

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The AV Geeks often cull out duplicate copies of their films or films that aren’t the main focus of the archive. We wish to sell these films at reasonable prices to help offset the costs of maintaining our archive and in the hopes of spreading the films to other collectors.

Films being auctioned on Ebay. Currently we’re selling super 8 and 8mm feature film digests.

The AV Geeks are actively looking for the following films or films in these genres:

Venereal disease films – Slowly Skip Elsheimer is working on a book/documentary about the history of VD films in the U.S. We are specifically looking for:
A Message To Women (1944, Color, 16mm, 19 Min) Public Health Service. Looking For A Good Color Print
About VD
Bacterial Infections ST: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Series
Broken Wings
(Color, 16mm, 23 Min)
Deferred Payment
Aka Misc. Film, No. 162 (1932?, Silent, Black & White, 35mm, 51 Min.) British Social Hyeiene Council.
Feeling All Right
Fight Syphilis
(1942?, Sound, Black & White, 35mm, 9 Min) Public Health Service
Fight Syphilis (No. 942) (1944, Sound, Black & White, 35mm, 19 Min) Signal Corps
Her Name Was Ellie, His Name Was Lyle
Hygiene For Women — Protecting Health
(?, Color, 16mm, 26 Min) Department Of The Navy.
Magic Bullets (1940, Sound, Black & White, 35mm, 31 Min). Public Health Service.
Our Job To Know
Personal Hygiene For Young Men
(1924, Silent, Black & White, 35mm, 12 Min) Public Health Service.
Personal Hygiene For Young Women (1924, Silent, Black & White, 35mm, 13 Min) Public Health Service.
Plain Facts (1941, Sound, Black & White, 35mm, 11 Min)
Sex Hygiene Aka Training Film; No. 0154 (1941, Sound, Edited, Black & White, 35mm, 30 Min). Signal Corps.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Causes, Prevention And Cure
Sexy Transmitted Diseases
Syphilis; A Motion Picture Clinic (1935?, Sound, Black & White, 35mm, 77min) Public Health Service.
Syphilitic Venereal Disease
The End Of The Road (1919, Silent, Black & White, 35mm, 57 Min)
The Innocent Party (1959, Sound, Edited, Color, 16mm, 18 Min). Looking For A Good Color Print Of This Film.
The Venereal Diseases Aka (Misc. Film, No. 163) (1928?, Silent, Black & White, 35mm, 35 Min) Signal Corps.
To The People Of The United States (1944, Sound, Black & White, 16mm And 35mm, 22 Min) Public Health Service.
VD – It Is Your Problem
VD – What Is It
Where The Girls Are – Vd In Southeast Asia
(?, Sound, Edited, Color, 16mm, 23 Min)

ALSO LOOKING FOR 16mm prints of…
Day Without Numbers (Wayne University) Looking for a complete print of this film.
Any film by Homer Groening
Punishment Park
If The Footmen Tire You…
Boys Beware
Girls Beware
The Strange Ones
Any non-driver’s ed film by Highway Safety Films