Bell Science Series

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About Time (1962)

Discusses the evolution of the calendar, the development of clocks and Einstein’s theory of relativity. Explains the reconstruction of geological time.

The Alphabet Conspiracy (1959)

The story of the science of language and linguistics centered around plot to destroy the alphabet and all language. Cartoon animation and special documentary sequences.

Gateways to the Mind (1958)

The story of what science has learned about the human senses and how they function. Includes documentary sequences.

Hemo the Magnificent (1957)

Tells the story of the blood, the heart and circulation. Shows scenes of the human heart and capillaries in action.

Our Mr Sun (1956)

Discusses the sun and its effect upon life on earth. Shows the sun in eclipse with its corona, sun spots and explosions on the sun’s face. Discusses attempts to use the sun’s energy to perform work now done by wood, coal, gas and oil. Animated sequences present information about the size, weight, heat, energy and and radiation of the sun.

The Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays (1957)

Uses live action, animation and documentary film excerpts to probe the mysteries of cosmic rays, their character and behavior, pointing up the work of scientists in their constant search for more knowledge of matter and energy.

The Thread of Life (1960)

Shows the development of the science of genetics, beginning with the cross-pollination experiments by Gregor Mendel in the middle of the nineteenth century through recent findings on genes, chromosomes and the chemical substance DNA.

The Unchained Goddess (1958)

Discusses weather, explaining what it is, what causes it, and what scientists are doing to predict and control it. Includes scenes of hurricanes, tornadoes and lightning.

  1. I was an AV Geek starting in the 4th grade (1966ish) – one of the only kids allowed to run the B&H Autothread and even graduated to the B&H Filmosound manual thread. Anyway, I remember “Hemo the Magnificent” making the rounds through the three grade schools in our town (Ramsey NJ). It was one of the rare films that every class ended up watching – and it was a long “two reeler”. I have not seen it since then but i remember an animated bird (?) saying “Hey Hemo” (probably burned into my head from having to show it so many times). Was so popular that it was followed by “Our Mr Sun” a few months later.

  2. That’s great. I think the Bell Laboratory Science Series influenced a lot of kids to become scientists. Actually, Our Mr Sun came first, then Hemo the Magnificent. These films aired on TV first and then were repackaged for distribution to schools. Some copies in my collection have advertisements for the local Bell company that distributed the film.

  3. Hey guys. former AV kid here too, loved the Bell Science Series, have all but 2 digital versions. Need help.
    Can anyone point me to where I can download a copy of The Restless Sea and About Time.
    email me please.

      • How can I, or should I say, how in the world can I get a copy of the two films (The Restless Sea and About Time)? Is there any source on the internet?

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