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“Have 24,000 films. Will travel.”

Besides collecting and maintaining an archive of 16mm films, we also like to take them on the road, screen them and talk about them. We’ve done screenings and lectures all around the U.S. (and Canada) in nightclubs, art galleries, micro-cinemas,¬†reparatory theaters,¬†libraries, university classes, seminars, film festivals, arts festivals, birthday parties, receptions, supper clubs and more! We’ve curated over 100 different themed shows with films we’ve pulled from our collection on a wide variety of topics (sex ed, war propaganda, drugs, gender issues, just to name a few) and often create new shows to suit the needs of the event.

(Please do not hire us to show Hollywood feature films. We only travel to show films from our collection of 16mm educational, instructional and short non-feature films.)

Let us screen at your event! Our rates are reasonable!

A/V Geeks

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  1. Hi, Skip-

    You did a show of “woman troubles”-type films years ago for a local NOW chapter and it was fantastic. I work with the YWCA in Greensboro and most of our what we do centers around adolescent pregnancy prevention and supporting young parents. Do you think you’ve got enough in the archives for a night of vintage sex ed films? And, if so, could you give me an estimate of the cost of bringing you in for that?

    Thanks so much!

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