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  1. I’m looking for an educational film I made in about 1964, titled “Rainshower.” I’d like to find a digital version or a good (not faded) print. It has no words except for the pre-title intro. Made by Dimension Films, originally distributed by Churchill Films. Any thoughts? THANKS.

  2. Could you be on the lookout for the series Bread and Butterflies? That one was produced by the Agency for Instructional Television from 1974-1975. It was very similar to Inside OUT.

  3. Afternoon,
    I’m looking for an old psa from Canada, I believe, that was a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of revenge. The boy in it used to collect golf balls from ponds to buy some new cowboy boots but some bullies took over his turf and tossed his boots in the pond which caused him to wreak havoc on their car and pretty much armageddon for everyone involved. I can’t seem to remember the title or if you have it on one of your collections. Any info would be great.

  4. I’m looking for a copy of, OR at least the name of, a B&W short about Aptitude Testing for Job Placement. I think it was from just before or maybe during WWII.

    It follows 3 job applicants through being tested and then getting jobs based on their abilities and jobs they are best suited for. One guy winds up doing mechanical work, one gets a job in QA/QC type work and the third was in the Time Keeping or Bookkeeping Office I think.

    I could be a 65% to 80% in the right era and areas of jobs found on this. I’m thinking this was either a U.S. Labor and CA flick, or just CA. It certainly ‘looks’ like CA to me [in my memory anyway].

    from Steve in the Tie Dyed Shirts

  5. Hi Skip,
    I read about the “FELICIA” story in Sunday LEISURE SECTION of the NEWS OBSERVER paper. I did not know there is an archive by movie collectors here in Raleigh. I drive past the neighborhood (Oakwood/St.Augustines) all these years. Thanks for the dedication.
    I want to know if you have “PANTHERS” by Mario Van Peebles and his dad released in the 1980s on DVD ?. I am interested to buy a copy; let me know the steps to come by Tyler St

  6. I’m interesting knowing who owns the underlying rights to a film that you sell on your website: PORTRAIT OF A CITY – DETROIT, 1961.

    Are you merely selling these or do you license as well?

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