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  1. I saw this film in the elementry school in 1972. It was so vivid and graphic and still is today after all these years. I think this film should be shown in shools in hopes to deter and decrease the drug use in society today. every time that I hear the original version of the song “Lean On Me” my mind immediately flashes back scenes of the addicts on the floor, the sores on the bodies from IV drug use.

    • I saw this movie in 4th grade. I remember my class mates kept getting up to vomit. For a long time I could not heat Bill Withers version on lean on me without becoming nauseous and also seeing the images. Very effective. Can’t believe they showed us such graphic images.

      • You are so right. It was between 1982 or 1983 when I saw DEAD IS DEAD. I couldn’t stand to here that song either. Growing up and watching a parent with a drug problem and now two of my siblings it’s truly sad.

  2. Dead is Dead save my life back in 1979, I was 12 and the police department showed this film. Even today I try not to take pain pills. This is movie is about as raw and gritty as it gets I think it needs to be a push to get it seen by todays youth.

    If you really think about it now and everything that has happened since its release this movie was cutting edge.

  3. I can’t believe you found this film!
    I saw this movie in the mid-80’s in PE class on a 16 mm projector. The gym teacher said that students had the option to put their head on their desk and not watch, but they had to be in the class. I guess previous students had been as shocked as I was after seeing the film. This is the most terrifying movie I have ever seen. I should have put my head down because those images are seared into my psyche. In my view this is the most effective anti-anything movie I have ever seen and dictated my fear of street drugs for decades.

  4. I saw this film in my Catholic Elementary school back in the early 70’s. It is the main reason that to this day I can honestly say I have never done drugs. Scared the crap outta me.

  5. This movie had to be made to deter school children from doing drugs back day. I remember watching this in elementary, maybe 85-86. They showed it in the cafeteria on the projector. I thought we were to young to be watching that, it gave me nightmares. I had to find it and show it to my children. I wish this was shown to kids today. There would be far less drug use.

  6. This movie was very effective for me. I saw it in 7th grade PE class. I want to buy it for my children. This needs to be added back into curriculums.

  7. I saw this movie in elementary school and it scared me so much and I don’t I have never tried to do drugsit needs to be shown in schools today.

  8. Wow! I saw this in ’82 and it blew my wee mind.
    Luckily I still have experienced every drug there is and feel I’m a much better person because of it, (especially DMT, everyone on earth should do DMT), but this film freaked me out for many years, and now that I’m 40 I find I STILL have nightmare-type memories of the corpses and swollen bodies with holes and sores and all that. This movie is crazy. It taught me to respect drugs. I find it interesting all the people saying they think kids should be shown this in school today… I’m not so sure. Maybe when they’re a bit older than I was. It was all I could think about or dream about for months. Lot for a kid to process.

  9. I must have been in 7th or 8th grade. 1982 or 83. Issaquah middle school, health with Mr. Peterson. This movie has haunted me for over 30 years. I’m not sure I could watch it again, but I most definitely think it should be shown in every jr high and high school. I only saw it once but those images will never leave me!!!! Horrifying!

  10. I saw this film in my 6th grade science class and because of this film I never tried any type of drug to this day I wish they would’ve shown this film when my daughter was in school or I would’ve had a copy to show her myself because even though I talked to her several times about drugs peer pressure led her right to marijuana even though that’s the only drug she uses that’s not good either I wish there was a way or a petition that parents can sign to allow this film back in the schools or even post the film online since this generation don’t know anything about playing outside for extra activities

  11. This movie scared the holy hell out of me. I saw it in 9th grade health class and it freaked me out for life about doing hard drugs. I drink alcohol, and I smoked cigarets for years, and I tried pot a total of 5 or 6 times, but I never did anything else because of this movie. Every time I tried pot I thought of this movie, and it seriously was a buzz kill. I still think about this movie a lot, obviously, because I have been searching for it for eons. Now that I’ve found it, I don’t even know if I want to buy it or not to rewatch it now. Those scenes of people coming off of heroin cold turkey are very powerful. I’ll never forget that guy and that epic diariah fit. The days that followed soon after I watched it, I was in a serious state of shock. I think I actually cried. I felt uneasy for weeks after that. Every kid should see this film in the 14-15 age range. I think a new one should be made or this one should be updated to include meth and these other awful things kids are getting into these days.

  12. Saw it in 82 and 83 this was the most disturbing drug movie ever I’m going to get it def my kids well they are a lil older now need to see this and as far as lean on me the song was always depressing and that scene was outa control by the way does anyone know about the film called Blue?

  13. I saw this film in 9th grade..our parents had to sign permission slips for us to watch was in p.e./health…This movie is the reason I don’t do any recreational/street drugs period. I think they should put this movie back in rotation in the school system. For the ones that think its too graphic it worked didn’t it..and the kids these days see worse on the internet.

  14. I saw this when I was 8 or 9 years old (’75/’76) in the Chicago Public Schools. While I was freaked out by it, I know that it made me straight edge before straight edge had a name. And it made me *very* clear on the fact that opiates are incredibly dangerous.

    Someone should produce a new version which is just as graphic and make it mandatory viewing early in grammar school; if parents think their kid is too much of a special snowflake to view it, they are asking for issues.

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