Let's Play Fair (1949)

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Two brothers learn about fair play. The older boy has a chemistry set and won’t let his younger brother play with it. ” B W 1949
Sharing, taking turns and obeying rules are some of the basic
elements of fair play that children discover in this film. Fair
play is the best way to have the most fun. (EFL).

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01:10:18:00 B W 1949
ms Boy, children’s chemistry set

01:10:39:00 B W 1949
cu Face, curious boy

01:11:12:00 B W 1949
cu Smiling boy, mixing chemicals in test tubes

01:11:21:00 B W 1949
cu Angry boy says “”HANDS OFF!””

01:11:42:00 B W 1949
ms Father son heart-to-heart talk

01:12:31:00 B W 1949
ms Kitchen: boys tugging over use of kitchen towel

01:12:38:00 B W 1949
cu Accusing boys point to each other — “”HE DID IT!””, “”NO, HE DID

01:13:12:00 B W 1949

01:13:27:00 B W 1949
cu Boys washing, drying dishes, hands in soapy sink

01:13:36:00 B W 1949
ms Boy cuts finger in sink
mother daubs cut with towel

01:13:46:00 B W 1949
ms Boy tapping mother’s arm, pulling dress sleeve

01:14:30:00 B W 1949
ms Young boy opens chemistry set

01:14:57:00 B W 1949
cu Young boy mixing test tubes: spills liquid out of test tubes

01:15:01:00 B W 1949

01:15:04:00 B W 1949
cu Boy drops test tubes
inky substance on hand

01:15:18:00 B W 1949
cu HANDS: woman putting band-aid on boy’s cut
bottle of iodine

01:16:00:00 B W 1949
cu Boy listening to table radio

01:16:37:00 B W 1949
cu Boy washing dishes
EXPRESSION: guilt, nervousness, eyes
darting, mouth pursed

01:16:52:00 B W 1949
cu SINK: soap suds, boy’s hands washing dishes

01:18:10:00 B W 1949
cu Playing fair: boys playing together with chemistry set””,,02/15/09 02:30 PM,”1940s