Pick-Up, Pt 1 (1944)

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from SWV description: Pick-Up (1944, b&w), an Official Training Film of the U.S. Army, chronicles the sorry fate of Corporal John Green who, after waiting six months for a furlough, meets nice girl Ann at a train station and, apparently, does her in a park. Five days later, the Corporal’s caught a fine dose and is pissing pus. As Captain Stevens (PAUL KELLY of Curfew Breakers) puts it, the Army’s problem is to keep its men from playing around with the so-called ‘nice girls’. His furlough canceled, the Corporal’s treatment includes lectures on VD complete with the obligatory scenes of sore-covered penises, as well as very disturbing footage of a babbling man whose brain has been ravaged by syphilis until the Corporal’s well enough to be shipped overseas where he probably got shot.