Pioneer Home, A (1948)

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Shows the physical surroundings and home furnishings, the hard work, the simple pleasures and other characteristics of pioneer family life. 01:14:02:00 B/W 1948 ms Pan winter trees to log cabin, boy holds iron pot over coals, joins women preparing meal indoors 01:14:53:00 B/W 1948 cu Girl and boy stoke fire to blazing 01:16:00:00 B/W 1948 ms Boy watches man chop wood in snow, carries sticks inside, girl churns butter, mother makes candles at hearth, checks butter churn, boy carries water buckets on yoke, mother and girl remove butter, boy and girl drink cream 01:18:05:00 B/W 1948 ms Girl sets table, mother fries chicken, father and friend come inside and family says grace 01:19:12:00 B/W 1948 ms Father shows china cabinet, stool, bench that converts to table to guest, man trades cotton for benchtable 01:21:02:00 B/W 1948 ms Mother and girl comb and spin cotton into thread; mother teaches boy; boy whittles and girl sews by fire; boy builds miniature log cabin; father reads BIBLE; mother tucks girl and boy into trundle bed; children sleep 01:23:44:00 B/W 1948 cu Mother and father watch fire