Pioneer Of Progress (1953)

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Surveys the manufacturing processes in the American Steel Industry from iron ore to finished products B W 1952 Forging iron, smelting steel. EXCELLENT CU man shaving, baby being diapered, slow TU Empire State Building at end of film. 00:27:20:00 B W 1952 ms Hot steel ingot is moved thru rolling mill to shape it 00:27:27:00 B W 1952 ms Men at controls that guide guide hot steel ingot thru the rolling mill to shape it 00:27:36:00 B W 1952 ms Ingot being shaped in rolling mill 00:27:43:00 B W 1952 ms Controls used to guide rolling mill shaping 00:27:51:00 B W 1952 ms Section of shaped rail track moves along rollers 00:28:00:00 B W 1952 ws Crane moves load of railroad rails 00:28:11:00 B W 1952 mcu Man hammers railroad spike in to tie to hold rail in place 00:28:16:00 B W 1952 ws Santa Fe diesel locomotive travels thru rural area hauling passenger cars – name on locomotive nose is Santa Fe 00:28:20:00 B W 1952 ws Side view Pennsylvania Railroad electric locomotive – name Pennsylvania printed on the side. Several shots of railroad passenger cars traveling 00:28:34:00 B W 1952 ws TU skyscraper (RCA Building) 00:28:36:00 B W 1952 ws Bay Bridge (Oakland to San Francisco suspension bridge). 00:28:38:00 B W 1952 ms Oil pumping equipment at work oil derrick 00:28:46:00 B W 1952 ws Ship in dry dock 00:28:53:00 B W 1952 ms cu Welders at work 00:28:57:00 B W 1952 ws Long line of farm machinery moving tru field tractor moves thru farm field harvesting wheat 00:29:10:00 B W 1952 ws Streetcar moves down city street 00:29:17:00 B W 1952 ws Steel framework of large building 00:29:21:00 B W 1952 ws Vintage 1940s – 1950s cars moving along an express highway 00:29:36:00 B W 1952 ms Hydraulic steam press being used to shape piece of steel 00:29:40:00 B W 1952 ms Moving line of military hardware in factory 00:29:43:00 B W 1952 ms Series of shots of Army equipment 00:30:03:00 B W 1952 ws Several shots of Military jet aircraft taking off 00:30:16:00 B W 1952 ws Front view of Battleship moving thru heavy seas view of heavy seas from side deck of battleship 16mm guns of battleship move into firing position shell being loaded into 16mm gun battery of 16mm guns fire from battleship 00:30:38:00 B W 1952 ws Construction going on for the building of new steel mills and furnaces 00:30:58:00 B W 1952 ws Men laying railroad track 00:31:01:00 B W 1952 ws ms Series of shots of construction work going on for new steel mills and furnaces 00:31:24:00 B W 1952 ws ms A series of shots of experimentation going on in steel’s laboratories to develop new and better products new uses for steel better and safer ways of making steel new ways to expand its production 00:31:51:00 B W 1952 ws Gigantic steel making electric furnace man uses long probe attached to air hose in the viewing slit of the furnace worker watches furnace as it is about to receive load of raw materials load of ingredients to be melted are dropped in heat is increased as needed to as high as 3500 degrees fahrenheit view of furnace with flames shooting from top 00:32:25:00 B W 1952 ms Worker peers into slit of furnace as three electrodes pulse causing tremendous surge of flames worker manipulates electrode controls on furnace to shut down current worker known as the melter peers into furnace thru dark glasss view of open furnace slit man by using special instrument to peer into furnace opening can judge the molten metal’s quality – it is pronounced OK 00:32:54:00 B W 1952 ws Series of shots of molten steel being transferred 00:33:26:00 B W 1952 ws Wire factory steel rolled out into a rod and drawn out into wire 00:33:33:00 B W 1952 ms Series of shots of products produced from the drawn out wire wire product is checked by gauge to make sure it meet specifications 00:33:45:00 B W 1952 ws ms Tin plate mill – series of shots of steel sheets being turned into tin plate (about 1% is tin) to be usd in the manufacture of the product we call tin cans tin coated steel is cut into convenient size sheets and inspected before being shipped out to be made into cans the final product multiple type tin cans on display 00:35:00:00 B W 1952 ms Display of products used in the home made wholly or partly of steel 00:35:09:00 B W 1952 ms Commercial product containers being filled by automatic steel dispensers 00:35:24:00 B W 1952 ms Steel household items being used in a kitchen display: woman using spray nozzle to fill kitchen pot with water (atop stove top) MCU woman using electric iron to smooth out shirt on ironing board. 00:35:42:00 B W 1952 ms Smiling woman looking in vanity mirror as she puts steel hairpins in her hair. 00:35:47:00 B W 1952 ms cu Man diapers baby using steel safety pin to secure diaper 00:35:56:00 B W 1952 ws AV Pittsburgh Triangle: two bridges across confluence of Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers, forming the Ohio River. 00:36:00:00 B W 1952 ws ms Man peering into a vat of molten steel vat of molten steel 00:36:05:00 B W 1952 cu Man shaving 00:36:08:00 B W 1952 ws United Nations Building 00:36:11:00 B W 1952 cu Hypodermic needle shoots liquid from tip 00:36:11:00 B W 1952 ms Man welding a pipeline section 00:36:13:00 B W 1952 cu A hand eggbeater being used 00:36:16:00 B W 1952 ws Golden Gate Bridge suspension bridge 00:36:18:00 B W 1952 cu Needle being used for sewing 00:36:19:00 B W 1952 ws Ocean liner S.S. United States 00:36:23:00 B W 1952 cu Watch mechanism operating with back off 00:36:25:00 B W 1952 ws TU the length of the Empire State Building