Powers Of Congress (1947)

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A fantasy is employed in this film to define and explain the powers of Congress. A man drops off to sleep for a few minutes to find himself confronted with a world in which Congress has been suspended and federal authority dissolved. When he awakes from his dream, he has a new understanding of congressional powers and authority. Fantasy scenes include: man discovering that there is no longer a Federal postal service, only private companies; man discovering that there is no longer U.S. currency since each state coins its own money military personnel dressed in various uniforms since each state has its own army, navy and air force man about to be evicted from his house because his FHA loan is no longer valid
MS Husband and wife in living room listening to large radio
MS Husband at the Post Office Stamp window.
CU Newspaper headline reads: “Congress Suspended.”
CU Man wakes from nightmare, as wife stands over him in apron
drying off a dish.
CU A side of beef.
CU Perfume bottle.
CU Gasoline pump meter.
WS Golden Gate Bridge.
WS Highway traffic.
WS Hydroelectric dam.
WS Forest trees.
WS Cargo freighter.
Title “The End.””