Random Acts of Kidness

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The A/V Geeks present an edited piece in downtown Raleigh at the corner of Fayetteville St and Hargett St. The video installation consists of randomly played clips from the 1970s Encyclopedia Britannica “Magic Moments” film series. The early 1970s series features vignettes that provoke discussion among its young student viewers. Each clip portrays unique kid experiences and/or emotions. The random juxtaposition of clips can stir memories of one’s own childhood and contemporary social interaction. Also, the clips features kids in action and may invite observers to contrast the level of activity of today’s child with that of the past. This event is FREE!

Video Installation
Dusk to 2 a.m, September 30th thru November 15th, Urban Design Center,
133 Fayetteville St., Raleigh NC

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