Selling As A Career (1953)

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Typical day of work of Art Williams, salesman of sporting goods. Preparations at home for next day’s work, fills out reports, estimates sales prospects, schedules calls. Focuses on procedures and personal characteristics.

first frame of title “A Coronet Film”

Man in coat & hat walking down sidewalk – snowy day
He is carrying a vacuum cleaner
Man approaches house door – knocks
Man inside home – showing woman how to use vacuum cleaner
Camera pans in closer to 2 people as they examine bottom of cleaner

MLS water power wheel at mill, dissolves to man with paper,dissolves to machinery, dissolves to man…

Salesman shows another man electric fan – pan out as woman enters to purchase something. She opens purse to pay salesman, as salesman begins to write up sales slip
Salesman and man at men’s Tie Counter
Shot of set for shooting TV commercial for Oven – TV camera, soundman
Saleswoman selling by telephone – old fashioned upright telephone, woman has headset for listening
Woman sitting at desk, arranging papers, puts paper in typewriter

MLS family with 3 children in living room
Mother picks up young son & lifts him into air
Mother & children leave the room
Father gets out of chair & picks up toys, picks up briefcase & takes papers out to put on desk
VS CU man working at desk, Customer Report form
MCU woman brings man cup of coffee at his desk, man drinks coffee
CU appointments list for salesman
MLS MCU front of MAGES store – names of brands on sign
Man at desk holding ski boot
SPORTING GOODS written on canvas awning (note : old cars)
Store window – WILSON-STAMM SPORT SHOP, skates, basketballs, window
MLS man stands up from desk with ski boot & stretches
Camera looks over his shoulder as he glances at catalogue footwear
MCU man’s shoulder & head – he winks & nods to himself

MLS MAGES store – salesman arrives – walks up to window – walks into store
VS salesman & owner in office – salesman shows owner ski boots
Salesman pours pitcher of water into ski boot
Owner studying boot with water in it
Salesman leaves store, gets into car

LS empty highway, car drives into picture
MLS SPORTING GOODS awning – car drives up & parks in front of store
Interior of store – wall of shoeboxes, mannequin in ski clothes, sales, and counting footwear boxes
Man enters, the 2 men shake hands

MCU store window – WILSON-STAMM SPORT SHOP – man salesman walks up to window
Cut to interior of store – wall of rifles behind counter
2 men shake hands

Neon light against black NORTH SHORE HOTEL
Cut to salesman at desk doing book work – cut to MCU

CU hand holding Occupational Outlook manual & then Vocational Planning
Camera pans back to boy knocking on door that says GUIDANCE OFFICE
Opens office door to counselor
Shot of someone selling automobile tires “White Walls”

Man putting little girl of top of head – little girl stands up & jumps onto man’s lap
Pans out to whole family – salesman, wife & children as in beginning of film

The end