Sharing Economic Risks (1947)

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Shows how insurance works and defines insurance terms through a case in which a high school boy’s bicycle is stolen. Shows the reasons for insurance and the need for the sharing of economic risks, and explains the major kinds of risks for which one shoul B/W 1947 A high-school boy loses his bicycle through theft. This loss illustrates the economic risk which all people face and the ensuing action demonstrates aspects of property and insurance and the principle of sharing economic risks. 00:45:26:00 B/W 1947 cu Hand turns key in door of car, locks it. 00:45:56:00 B/W 1947 ms Woman with broom and dustpan sweeps steps outside house. 00:46:10:00 B/W 1947 ws Little girl looks both ways, crosses street. 00:46:20:00 B/W 1947 cu Food items on kitchen counter as they are unpacked from grocery bag (greens, milk, bread). 00:46:38:00 B/W 1947 ms Newsboys with bicycles talking on street corner. 00:47:08:00 B/W 1947 Generic office scenes with businessmen behind desks helping seated customers. Could be bank or insurance company. 00:49:16:00 B/W 1947 cu Hands place document in file cabinet. 00:49:22:00 B/W 1947 Montage of generic images: bicycle propped against house; car parked on shady street; modest suburban house; factory or office building; flooded landscape (brief); field on fire. 00:49:54:00 B/W 1947 Man returning from work parks in driveway of suburban home, waves to neighbor, is greeted by dog and daughter. 00:50:16:00 B/W 1947 Man enters home with daughter, is greeted by wife. 00:51:56:00 B/W 1947 Domestic scene, family in living room: Mother doing needlepoint, father writing at desk, son lying on couch reading book, daughter and grandfather playing checkers. Closeup shots of each. 00:55:32:00 B/W 1947 Boy unlocks bicycle, rides away