Spanish Influence In The United States (1948)

Shows the Spanish influence on American dress, language, customs, architecture and religion. Uses a map to show the spread of Spanish settlements from Florida to California. 00:20:59:00 Color 1948 ws Spanish influenced residence, mailman delivers package, girl opens box and finds Spanish doll 00:21:44:00 Color 1948 cu DISSOLVE to reveal fashion models wearing Spanish costumes 00:22:03:00 Color 1948 cu Spanish names, illustrated map of North America depicting Columbus’ voyage and Spanish settling Florida, St. Augustine and the Castle of San Marcos, map of Spanish settling Mexico and Southwest, Governor’s Palace in Santa Fe, town plaza, church, hacienda, horses, longhorn cattle 00:24:53:00 Color 1948 ws Cowboys, western ranch shots 00:26:25:00 Color 1948 ms Illustrated map of Spanish settling California, Mission gardens and towns, Mission architecture, Spanish architecture, building details, tiles, wrought-iron, stucco, roof tiles, patio, furniture