Atomic Age Classics Vol 4: Venereal Disease and You DVD

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Out of the many genres in the AV Geeks Educational Film Archive, venereal disease films are one of the most popular, simply because they provide a revealing glimpse into the secret history of sex in the United States. During the first half of the twentieth century, society was conservative in regards to sexuality, but only on the surface. VD films tell quite a different story – one of a nation struggling with epidemic levels of syphilis and gonorrhea being spread by rampant premarital sex. In the days before penicillin, Americans infected with VD required several months of treatment with ominous substances like arsenic and health officials were faced with the challenge of educating a naive public about the dangers of VD without breaking decency laws. Films include: With These Weapons, Health is a Victory, A Message to Women and Story of D.E. 733 (aka USS VD: Ship of Shame).

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