A/V Geeks 16mm School Soundtracks CD

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Educational filmmakers knew they have a hard audience to please – students! One method used to get their point across is an appropriate, hopefully interesting, (though often bizarre) soundtrack. This soundtrack (or song, as presented here) often reflects the culture and time during which the film was made, or takes on a particular musical ‘style’ as its theme. The A/V Geeks recognized the appeal of these soundtracks – humming the songs days after we saw the film. This CD contains a selection of songs taken from the vast collection of 16mm educational films being archived by A/V Geeks. The songs presented here have been singled out because of their infectiousness and popularity with filmgoers. Wherever possible we’ve tried to include information about the songwriters and musicians, but sadly, this information (including song titles) is often not listed in the film’s credits (if musical credit is given at all). We’ve also tried to keep the songs in their original form, but due to factors such as the length of the song throughout the film, and occasional splice or sprocket damage, we were forced to get a little creative with the editing while still maintaining the integrity of the song. So adjust the volume, check the focus, and maybe, if you aren’t careful, you might learn something as you listen! Enjoy!– Skip Elsheimer.

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