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A/V Geeks Get Their Period DVD

Nobody explains the mysterious of menstruation better than a 16mm educational film! Join us with this DVD compilation of tastefully abstract diagrams of female sex organs and girls becoming women! And help us decide - are these films progressive sex education or just advertisements for feminine hygiene products. Films include - Story of Menstruation, Naturally.. a

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Aeronautic Oddities DVD

Documents with old news reels the successes and failures of early aviation oddities, including: a windmill plane, flying barrel, spindle plane, potato bug, tailless airplane, aerobike, ornithopter, sky-car, rocket glider, and more.

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Childhood Nightmare Fodder on DVD

Buy this on DVD!

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Commies In Our Midst

Commies In Our Midst

16mm films about Communism and how it can affect our society. Backfire (1952) Discusses the question–should a man receive reward according to his endeavor or was Karl Marx right in his theory of ‘FROM EACH ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITY AND TO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEED.’ Tyranny: The Legacy of International Communism  Framed around staged United Nations hearings we hear about

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Face of Lincoln on DVD

The Face of Lincoln is a 1955 short documentary film in which sculptor Robert Merrell Gage models the features of Abraham Lincoln while narrating the story of Lincoln's life. It won an Academy Award at the 28th Academy Awards in 1956 for Best Short Subject (Two-Reel) and was also nominated for Academy Award for Documentary

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How To Be An A/V Geek DVD

So you want to be an audiovisual geek? You want to bask in the glory of running the projector in class, getting a hall pass from the teacher and taking lackadaisical trip to the library to get the a/v equipment. Here's a DVD with some films to help you gain the skills to be an

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Leery About Leary DVD - Retro Films Featuring LSD's Self-proclaimed Guru

Two films that debate the impact, benefits and dangers of marijuana and the powerful hallucinogen, LSD, featuring scores of critics versus Harvard professor Timothy Leary. From Pot to Psychedelics 1968 (b/w) 32 min Presents an overview of the social, legal and moral aspects of drug use and abuse in the United States. Includes interviews with

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O is for Occult DVD

O is for Occult DVD

That Ouja board you played with at the slumber party seemed fun at the time but now your soul belongs to the Devil. Watch this compilation of 16mm religious films about the dangers of the Occult before it's too late! The first film, "Occult - An Echo from Darkness" is from the late 1970s, features

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Parable (1964) on DVD

A parable in pantomime about a white-faced clown who joins a circus parade, takes upon himself the burdens of the lowly, the abused, and the humiliated, and is rewarded with death in a harness as a human marionette. Even before the film was released, the idea of portraying Christ as a clown caused a hateful

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Reading Writing Revolution

Reading, Writing, Revolution DVD

16mm school films that touch on the revolutionary spirit of the 1970s. Film include: Me, Too?, Treehouse, A Lunchroom Goes Bananas, 220 Blues and Replay

Price: $10.95$9.95
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Those Excruciating 1980s

Those Excruciating 1980s! on DVD

Watch some of the most absurd examples of educational films from the 1980s - the death rattle of 16mm school films. There's singing, dancing, costumes, puppets and just some bad ideas! Films include Cell Wars, Flash That Smile, Calcium, Ridin' Cool To School, Nobody Tells Me What To Do, Clean Up Your Act and more!

Price: $10.95$9.95
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Two Bluesmen

Two Bluesmen on DVD

16mm films that show two blues musicians and the surroundings that influenced their work. Blues Maker (1969) Shows Mississippi blues singer Fred McDowell singing and talking about his blues. Includes scenes of the area which helped shape his music. Blind Gary Davis (1964) A view of the blind folk singer Gary Davis and the world in which he lived.

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