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School Libraries in Action (1961)

Line of children (junior-high-age) entering classroom.Librarians in planning meeting, all women.Kids in front of library display board “Books

Ten Long Minutes (1961)

Illustrates the story of a worker whose wife and children are on vacation and who may have been in an accident. Provides a memorable lesson in off-job safety. Buy this…

Of Heaven and Home

Mormon film about the importance of home visits. Buy this on DVD.

At Home: 2001(1968)

Explores some innovations builders of the 21st century may employ to meet the challenges of urban living. Discusses trends in architecture, city planning, and modern technology as applied to home…

Moment of Decision (1962)

This film tells the story of four boys who are faced with a decision–whether or not to steal a car

Way Stations In Space (1961)

Introduces some problems and their possible solution in putting a space station into orbit around the earth. Uses animation to

Stop Driving Us Crazy (1961)

Rusty, a visitor from outer space who looks like a car, cannot communicate with people, only with cars. He says

Innocent Party (1959)

Presents the case history of a teen-ager who contracts venereal disease from a casual contact and transmits it to his

They Have What It Takes (1963)

They Have What It Takes(1963) Explains how unions and management can cooperate to establish more job opportunities for the disabled.

Vtr-11, Stay Alert Stay Alive (1967)

Vtr-11, Stay Alert Stay Alive (1967)Follows preparatory training for soldiers just arriving to Vietnam. they learn about booby traps